Exercise balls

Exercise balls are a great choice for training due to their versatility. Exercise balls can be used to make several different movements and focus on different parts of the body. Exercise ball can develop muscle strength, explosiveness, body control and coordination. Exercise ball is a very versatile training tool and when you practice it, only your imagination is the limit.

Exercise ball training

Exercise ball training can be done in a way that is just right for you and pleasant thanks to its versatility. Exercise allows you to train all the muscle groups of the body. Exercise ball is also great for pair training and for intensifying stretching or pilates.

Exercise ball selection

A basic exercise ball is bouncy and when hit on hard surface it bounces back.

A slam ball is a fitness ball that’s special feature is that it can be thrown to the ground by force.

The wall ball is, as the name implies, intended for workouts that are done using a wall. It bounces, but not as much as a basic exercise ball.