Kettlebells are a great choice for training due to their versatility. With kettlebells you are able to make several different movements and focus the training on different parts of the body. Today, in addition to gyms, kettlebells can also be found in physiotherapists and home gyms precisely because of their ease of use and versatility.

Kettlebell training

Kettlebell training can be done with just the right amount of weight for you, and many people like it because of its versatility. The swinging and other movements that can be done with the kettlebell activate the whole body and develop not only strength but also movement and technique.

Kettlebell selection

We recommend a 16-20 kg kettlebell for men and a 18-28 kg kettlebell for a more active athlete.

We recommend 8-12 kg kettlebell for women and 12-16 kg kettlebell for more active athletes.