Massage gun with touch screen

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Massage gun helps with muscle pain, stiffness and promotes blood circulation. The product comes with many different massage parts.

  • Muscle hammer and bag, with 4 different massage heads
  • Treats muscle pain and stiffness, improves blood circulation
  • 20 different speed settings
  • LCD touch screen
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Massage gun

1: Muscle hammer and bag, with 4 different massage heads

2: Treats muscle pain and stiffness, improves blood circulation

3: 20 different speed settings

4: LCD touch screen

5: 2000 mAh big battery power source (rechargable)

6: Speed 3200 rpm


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Massage gun helps you recover

Our bodies are like machines, which get faulty if they are not maintained properly. Body maintenance includes – among other things – posture, good working ergonomy, sleep, massage and warm-up. To get good posture, muscles, tendons, bones and joints have to work together. Bad posture has an effect in many ways. If you sit head hunched forward for long times, your neck will have to support it all of the time. Without posture correction you might get neck and shoulder pain and headache due to constant stress. Your back’s posture in turn has an effect on your whole body. We have posture correctors available at our webstore. Recovery is one of the most important measures in bodybuilding and sports. Recovery’s purpose is to fill used energy storages with important nutrients. For recovery, you will find muscle hammers from different price ranges on our webstore. Good sleep is essential for mental well-being, endurance and recovering. Sleep recovers you from physical, mental and cognitive stresses.

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